Comprehend / processing

Our control unit MC2000T² is the most versatile and most powerful in the market.

With its intuitive user interface, it is easy to use. This allows to make settings very easy, fast and above all without errors. Specialized knowledge is not required.

Logos and characters can represent the control unit MC2000T² due to vector-based data processing in each font size without loss of quality.

Of course, also a Data matric code can both created and read. A PC is not required to operate the control unit.

You want to transfer the marking data via a SPS control unit to the control unit MC2000T²? No problem: the communication can take place via RS-232, Profibus or Profinet.

The direct connection of a 2D code scanner or bar code scanner is no problem.

As a special service, we offer to our customers free programmed DEMO SPS-blocks for your Siemens SPS control unit, these are used for fast communication between our control unit MC2000T² and your SPS control unit. 

Control unit MC2000T²

Data sheet

  • Vector-oriented data processing of the characters and logos
  • Right angle or square 2D code in accordance with ECC 200
  • Archiving via SD card
  • Preview function of the marking text
  • 11 digital input and 7 digital output slots
  • Selection of 256 binary data
  • Connection of bar-code scanner and external keyboard
  • Optional: communication via Profibus or Profinet
  • Optional: Automatic logging of required documentation components